Bonjour, Croque Monsieur!


After battling frugality-induced starvation in Venice, I was glad to see so many shops while walking to the hôtel in Paris. I saw tous les mots I learned years ago in French class: boulangerie, pâtisserie, supermarché. I read a few articles on budget-friendly restaurants, but most listed were about €20 for dinner.

After wandering around Montmartre we started to get hungry. Typically deciding on a place to eat takes a while. We are both indecisive and have no clue if the food is good. Each pick is a pick out of the chapeau.20140527-224138-81698542.jpg
Aside from 1-2 meals on this trip, the food has all been good with a few great dishes. So, we can’t really go wrong. We decided on Chez Ginette.
Pour dîner, nous decided on ratatouille et un croque monsieur. Yes, I have watched “Ratatouille” and loved it. I had tried making my own in the past and at restaurants. Neither came close to the original. Theirs was heavy on bell peppers. Plus it came in this mini cast iron pot.

The sandwich came with fries and a petite salad. On our way to Paris we listed a few dishes we were hoping to try. I’d had the grilled cheese with ham variant in the past. Chez Ginette served it as an open-faced sandwich, but the shining factor was the basket of frites. I want it. Badly.
Another dinner sur les livres. I find my years of français are slowly coming back. Les Parisians aren’t as likely to acquiesce and start spending English. This has forced me to awaken that part of my brain that once knew how to form simple sentences in another language. The first night was rough, but we were able to order and request the check. Not très mal pour un homme qui n’étudie pas français en 7 ans.

Le première idées en Paris


It only took an hour water taxi, 90 minute flight and an hour on the trains to get from Venice to Paris. After 7 hours in transit, I wasn’t fired up to go exploring. But I was hungry.

Coming to Paris I’d commonly heard how unfriendly the French are. So far I’ve found that to be markedly untrue. Two people helped us at the train station to navigate our way to l’hôtel. One went as far as googling where we needed to go and printing a map with his written directions.

After checking in and studying our maps we set out for food and Montmartre. We got this baguette with Brie and tomatoes.
I didn’t fully realize the altitude of the area. There are beaucoup d’escaliers.

We climbed and climbed some more, finding a cemetery, Au lapin agile and the first Starbucks of the trip. No, we didn’t get americanos. Instead we headed back to the hotel to disco nap before exploring the main attractions of Paris. I’ll share those photos later. For now it’s off to le petite déjeuner. Then Versailles!

A bientôt mon amies!