Quick and Cheap Dinner Ideas for After Work


Cooking during the week is a pain, especially when there are boxes in every corner of my abode. Twenty four days ago I moved into my own home.

Tonight was the third time I have cooked. If you’d like to start a log of what I’ve cooked it includes: a poor attempt at a fried egg, dried pasta with a jar of vodka sauce and chicken patties with sautéed veggies wrapped in a tortilla. Hardly gastronomic fare that would wow judges on any cooking show. I just remembered I also rode out bean tacos for one week. Continue reading Quick and Cheap Dinner Ideas for After Work

Quick Omellete Lunch


Leavin all my lunch foods at the office is convenient Monday through Friday. Not so much on weekends.

Eggs have become my catch all ingredient when I don’t have other food to eat. Today’s lunch creation was a hybrid frittata/omelette. 

Microwave a potato for 3-4 minutes. Heat butter in a small skillet. Crack and beat two eggs in a bowl or cup with salt and pepper. Smash the almost cooked potato and add it to the now sizzling butter in the skillet. Add salt and pepper. I dusted mine with some spice rub mix I use for marinating meat. 

Add your beaten eggs. Jiggle the pan. Add cheese after a minute of cooking. With a spatula, fold the Omelle-ata onto itself. Once the eggs are set (3-5 minutes total), plate and eat.