Go Focaccia Yourself


I am a carb conneseiur. Blessed with the metabolism of a hummingbird and capuchin monkey, I can take down a box of pasta or bag ‘o bread without gaining weight. At some point this will likely catch up with me, but until then I shall continue gorging myself on carbs.

Tonight’s post-gym dinner consisted of a focaccia sandwich. I had leftover refried beans from last night that I spread on the toasted bottom half of the roll. Then I layered some thinly-sliced smoked ham and topped with sliced red pepper, gardinera and red onion. I had some mixed Italian cheeses that I sprinkled on top.

If the 2/3 a can of beans I ingested last night failed to give me an adequate daily value of fiber, the steamed broccoli with lemon juice tonight certainly will. Continue reading Go Focaccia Yourself

Panini perks


Somehow I’m more productive when I work from home. Last week I did two loads of laundry and cranked out some mega work.

This week i decided to split up my week and work from home today. That also means a hot sandwich for lunch. Today creation featured Cajun turkey, provolone cheese and mild gardinera. I’ve started putting that stuff on everything: hot dogs, sausage, sandwiches, small piles of garbage.

I’ve said too much. must be time to switch the wash…

What are your favorite sandwich combos?

Man Made Chicken Salad

Like most bachelors, I look to re-purpose food any way I can. Last night’s dinner can easily become today’s lunch without much work. As a lover of sandwiches, among other things, chicken salad is a great change up to a cold cut.

This week I bought a few fresh ingredients that I used in a couple dishes to add some new flavors to basic man-made meals. Before the current fall weather blew into Chicago, I had fired up my smokey joe grill and made some Mexican0 turkey burgers (pics and recipe forthcoming) and grilled chicken. Continue reading Man Made Chicken Salad