Final Four of Wingstop Flavors

Final Four of Wingstop Flavors

My bracket was destroyed as soon as I clicked submit. In lieu of having no vested interest in the outcome of tonight’s game, I have turned my attention to creating brackets where I can safely pick the winner. The latest bracket was to find the supreme Wingstop flavors. My girlfriend and I narrowed down the field to our four preferred flavors and grabbed a few baskets in our own taste bud tournament dance.

I am somewhat new to the world of wings. The first time I went to a wing-serving establishment I brought my own sandwich while my coworkers dipped and delighted. Yes, I am aware of my “uniqueness.” The next time I went, I left the sandwich at the office and got my own basket. Since then, I learned how to eat bone-in wings and I get the craving for some fried chicken. Of late, I had a strong hankering for the tangy and spicy buffalo wing sauce.

Final Four Wingstop Flavors

Let’s get back to the bracket. We selected four flavors: Mild, Hickory Smoked BBQ, Smoke9 and Hawaiian.

Smoke9 went head-to-head with Hawaiian and Hickory Smoked BBQ paired off against Mild. In the first contest, Smoke9, the Cinderella and unknown of the pack came out to an early lead with a combo of salt and peppery goodness. Hawaiian was a low seed, but got trounced in the match. Hawaiian has a strong ginger flavor. I expected more of a citrus/pineapple vibe. Tasty, but didn’t stand a chance against Smoke9.

In the second match, two of the favorites hit the hardwood (dining table). I was pulling for Mild since I have had a taste for buffalo sauce since the Super Bowl. BBQ is a perennial contender, the North Carolina of the bunch. Mild didn’t have the same punch as other wing establishments. It had the tang, but not as much of the heat. They needed to bring their best against a power house like BBQ. Meanwhile, BBQ came out with a sweet, familiar start but finished with heat. The spicy finish was unexpected and led me to reach for the side of cole slaw to cool it down. If you had ranch, it would balance out the finishing kick. The contest was close between these two flavors, but in every bracket there has to be a winner. On this day, Mild squeaked out the victory to advance to the final game against Smoke9.

Mild needed the extra kick against BBQ and would need something extra against Smoke9. In a close game, Smoke9 stayed on top to win the Final Four Wingstop Wings showdown. The only wing from the dry rub division ended up beating out the best from the sauce region.

Quick recap on Wingstop

Wingstop sells wings. That’s pretty much it. There aren’t salads or other options for your vegetarian friends, which makes sense because the place isn’t called Saladstop. The wings, both sauce and meat, are tasty. The boneless wings are a bit smaller than other wing establishments. Think of them as an obese chicken nugget or two nuggets stuck together. Their wings are made fresh when you order and tossed. This ensures you get hot and crunchy wings. They had a few different options for ordering, but most centered around large quantities of wings. Being new to the place, we went to order in person instead of ordering online or over the phone. Wingstop regulars popped in and picked up their orders. Before we got there, someone had ordered 100 wings. Here I thought I had a craving for wings. Wingstop is about $10 a person and you can pick two flavors. Sides, veggies and dips are extra unless you get a family combo setup.

Any Wingstop lovers out there want to share their favorite flavors or argue the case for their favorite?