3 Gluten Free Recipe Ideas

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When I received the motherload of gluten-free products from BFree I wasn’t sure what to do. As a carb lover who is fortunate to not have issues processing gluten I don’t purchase gluten-free food. Sometimes I seek out extra gluten if I’m dining with someone who can’t eat it.  With more product than freezer space, I figured I could give some to my biggest readers (my mom and grandma).

I am usually skeptical of alternative grain products. As a lover of food delivered via a tortilla, I was delighted when I saw the wraps.  My first inclination was to approach the food like a child who first sees vegetables.

I touched it.

I smelled it.

I examined it closely.

All this before I put it in my mouth.

Gluten Free Recipe #1: Grilled Ham and Cheese

Gluten Free Ideas |TheBachelorBasics.com

My first test was making a grilled ham and cheese sandwich with their brown seeded loaf. Previous experience with gluten free bread wasn’t stellar. Other bread had a weird texture and wouldn’t toast like conventional bread. But BFree’s bread acted just like regular bread. Slathered in some mayo, it crisped up forming a golden crust. Before I knew it my sandwich was gone. I had inhaled it. So much for my scientific method of reviewing.

Bachelor verdict: Both breads are solid and aren’t noticeably different from taste and texture of other gluten-laden bread, except that these are much healthier. Despite being free of wheat and gluten, they have loads of healthy ingredients/attributes like fiber.

Gluten Free Recipe #2: Burrito

Gluten Free Recipes |TheBachelorBasics.com
This recipe is a bit of a cheat, but it still showcased the wrap. I had leftovers from a Mexican place. Let’s see if you can guess based on the picture. Like with other tortillas, I warmed it before filling it to its breaking point. I sampled the quinoa and chia seed wrap first. It’s texture is speckled with the grains and seeds. I feared this would compromise the wrap’s ability to contain its contents. To the contrary, the wrap didn’t rip. Mine was a bit crispy, but that’s on me for leaving it on the cast iron a bit too long. The key is to warm it, not make tortilla chips. Then again…
The wrap was solid and again provides great health benefits ahead of standard flour or corn tortillas which don’t offer much beyond calories. The possibilities are endless on what you can put inside the wraps. Check out my tortilla challenge posts for ideas.

Gluten Free Recipe #3: Pita Punch

BFree Gluten Free Recipes |TheBachelorBasics.com

They also sent me pitas to try out. I don’t know if I have ever purchased pitas. Tortillas are my usual food delivery vehicle. My girlfriend and I experimented with a few different uses of the pitas. The above was a not-too-inventive sandwich served in a pita with ham, lettuce and gardinera. Like almost all the other gluten free products, it’s advised to warm them, especially if you’re taking them out of the freezer. Ice bread has yet to become a thing. We also used the pitas as a base for mini pizzas. They weren’t as fluffy as traditional pitas but they were still tasty and did the job. If you are going to fill them, be careful to eat over a table or TV tray (Bachelor life for ever). The contents could spill out.

All products were distinguishable from wheat/flour products. But in a good way. They all boast health benefits and don’t act/smell/feel too different from healthier wheat products.

BFree passed the ultimate test. They were able to convert a carb lover. If you have gluten sensitivities or are looking to reduce your gluten intake, grab some BFree products next time at the grocery.