Finding the Beauty in Unemployment

Finding the Beauty in Unemployment

The beauty of unemployment is I can walk for an hour interrupted only by my wandering thoughts. Don’t worry. I had my giant #HireAndrew placard on to protect me from the wind gusts while advertising my latest media campaign.

Beauty of Unemployment |
Chorizo, mushroom and egg wrap with melted mozzarella.

After a few phone interviews, I made a good lunch, well, two good lunches. It is Leap Day after all. That’s the other huge perk of being home more. The first was a chorizo and mushroom scrambled egg situation wrapped in a scorched tortilla. What better to wash that down than a turkey chorizo burger atop a toasted ciabatta half?

Loaded up on turkey and pork, I ventured out to enjoy the 50 degree day. Rather than take a few laps around my block as if I were under house arrest, I slid into my car and drove to the second favorite spot of the unemployed: the forest preserve. Here are a few pictures from my constitutional.

The goal of my nature walk was to get fresh air, clear my head, relax and exercise. Prolonged unemployment can become cumbersome. Where you never had the time to do your projects, you now have time but no funds. Days are spent waiting for the phone to ring like a junior high kid anticipating the call of a crush. Then, explaining experiences to someone new as if you were on CNBC. How many buzzwords are acceptable to use in 20 minutes?

Walking along the trail I was confronted with quandaries as my thoughts drifted away from those pertaining to future employment. What do I do when someone passes me on the trail? Do I smile? Say hello? Should I give them my resume? If they are at a forest preserve at 2PM on a Monday, do they have a job? Why are they here? I know why I am. Or are they management, doing as they please? Why does my left foot hurt? Can I walk it off? Why is that guy running with a shovel?

Sadly, I only had time to nod or give what I have heard affectionately referred to as the “side five.” My jaunt ended up being 3 and a third miles. Walking without a finish line or goal is liberating. When was the last time you walked to walk? Or went on a fun run? When I was employed, I drove by the entrance to these woods often and always thought I should pull over and take some photos. But I never did, until today. A woman I met a month ago at an alumni event referred to unemployment as white space and urged me to enjoy it. On this bonus day, I am glad I took some free time to be just that, free.

As to the man with the shovel, I can only imagine what fun he was getting into for his quadrennial ritual.Beauty of Unemployment |

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  1. Or maybe he was running from the grave he just filled in. I agree with your friend: be sure to enjoy it. Yes, look for work, but then set that aside and take full advantage of the opportunity!

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