Weekend Meal Planning | Food I Put in My Mouth

Weekend Meal Planning | Food I Put in My Mouth

I know you were curious what I would eat this weekend, especially after my last post about a bachelor’s pantry. After three months at House of Carbs, I finally remembered to thaw meat to cook for dinner.

Here’s the first creation: stir-fry chicken with fresh veggies and brown rice. During a trip to the Asian supermarket I grabbed Chinese five spice. As the name implies, this spice blend saves you the hassle of buying five herbs when you really want their combined flavor. I attempted to flour the chicken and fry it off to make something similar to sweet and sour chicken, but I used the wrong pan to fry the chicken and the majority of the breading came off. Mistakes happen and the dish turned out just fine without the breading.

The next two were consumed during Northwestern’s victory over the Nittany Lions. Early kick offs don’t allow a lot of time to eat. Leann made these French chocolate dragon eggs to fit the Game of Thrones tailgate theme. Author and NU alumnus George R.R. Martin was honored with Medill’s Hall of Achievement Award. We chowed down on a slice of Connies to get us through the remainder of the cat fight.

The exhilaration of the last-minute victory provided the energy to get home to make these Mexican pizza homages. Toast up a tortilla, then add refried beans, cheese, salsa and your favorite toppings for a quick dinner.
Sunday has become the day I grocery shop and cook the most. Coincidence? 

For breakfast, I made hash browns in my cast iron and fried an egg. The cast iron can give off a burnt taste to foods. If I remembered to thaw bacon, I would have avoided this by cooking the taters in bacon fat.

Dinner was a ground turkey and chorizo meatloaf with mashed potatoes. It’s almost thanksgiving, so it’s time to brush up on holiday staples.

What’d you eat?