Kitchen Confessions from Living Alone

Kitchen Confessions from Living Alone

Last night I ate leftover fried rice, three pieces of tempura mush and the majority of a sweet potato.

THAT is bachelor living.

Living alone and feeding yourself is far from anything portrayed on Food Network. Outside of the drunk kitchen chronicles on YouTube, I have yet to see a show depict real world dinner creations. After commuting home from downtown, cooking is far from my consciousness. Most nights are spent eating refried bean tacos or leftovers while watching an hour of recorded DVR shows or Netflix.

I have found the biggest pitfall to eating well during the week is not having thawed meat ready to be cooked. As much as I bemoaned vegan proclivities of previous dates, I am starting to realize maybe they too struggled with the meat defrosting debacle. They would eat meat if only they remembered to move a chicken breast from the freezer to the fridge the previous night.

There are some tricks I have discovered to make sad food a bit less sad and ensure you have quasi fresh food during your work week.

Pantry/Freezer Necessities

  1. Pasta
  2. Tortillas
  3. Can of whole plum tomatoes (or crushed if feeling lazy)
  4. Canned beans (refried or black)
  5. Frozen pizza
  6. Frozen veggies

Do you see the theme? My abode isn’t called House of Carbs by accident. These are six things I almost always have in my house. I love mexican food so making a quick bean taco isn’t as depressing as it may look on Instagram. Frozen vegetables are available in a mix of options. Beyond frozen corn, there are stir fry assortments and medleys.

Life is better with medleys.

Adding frozen veggies to jarred pasta sauce adds a trace of vitamins and bulks up your dinner. My other hack is to freshen up pre-made food like pizza or jarred pasta sauce with fresh veggies. I always have fresh onion and garlic in the house. Namely to ward off the vampire marauders. If you saute onion and garlic with some salt and pepper, you bring a little life to the can of sauce. If you like spicy sauce, add pepper flakes to olive oil before adding the fresh veggies. This will give you better heat than sprinkling red pepper flakes on top of your bowl ‘o carbs.

What are your tricks to eating well during the week? Any crock potters out there with advice?