How to Make Leftover Potatoes Disappear

How to Make Leftover Potatoes Disappear

I was overzealous in estimating how many potatoes to peel for thanksgiving. With a large Tupperware of sliced, leftover potatoes de-starching in my fridge I debated making more mashed taters. But I already had a container of those.

What to do?

Make my own potato chips? Then my house would smell like the Fry Kids had an unsupervised rave.

That left one option.

Scalloped potatoes. I had a lil mess of leftovers sitting in the fridge waiting to be tossed into a pot pie or casserole. If you’ve never had them, scalloped potatoes are a crispy and creamy delight that do double duty by re-purposing a bunch of your leftovers.

You need to make a roux. A roux is fat and flour, which also defines the contents of my stomach. You can use butter, oil, bacon fat. You know the winner in that list. Once you melt some butter/fat (2-3 tablespoons), add in aromatics (onion, pepper, garlic) and saute for a few minutes. Then dust in a little flour. The ratio matters, but I usually aim for slightly more flour than fat. I tossed in a few mushrooms hiding in my chill chest.

Once that mixture gets light-medium brown, it’s time for the fluids. I had leftover heavy cream because I’m trying to shorten my life expectancy. Stir that in and it’ll start to thicken. Add a cup of stock/broth and stir. Once it all looks like a creamy wonderland/sticks to the back of your spoon, it’s done. It took me maybe 7 minutes to do all of this.

Now it’s time to make a potato lasagne. Layer potatoes in a buttered pan: potatoes, cream, shredded cheese, potatoes…then top with cooked bacon.

Cover the casserole dish with the lid or foil if you lost the lid. Bake at 350 for 45 minutes. Take the top off for the last 15 minutes. Let it rest for a while before carving and devouring.

Don’t worry about finding space to store leftovers. You’ll have a ton of room from all those little containers you just emptied.


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