No worries from the future

No worries from the future

Time flies, even in the future! We are now in Queenstown, New Zealand, after a week in Sydney and Melbourne. As with most trips my devoted time to chronicle our adventures shrinks with each new destination. Our week in Australia was incredible and included an unforgettable day for Leann and me (more on that in another post). We saw botanic gardens, churches, museums, and a cricket match! We’ve sampled the fish and chips while discovering Australia makes some mighty fine muesli/granola bars.

Taking the advice of a friend, I have been attempting to breathe in all the beauty that surrounds us. I was concerned before traveling here that my expectations for Australia and New Zealand’s beauty were unrealistic. Certainly someplace couldn’t be that beautiful.

Then you discover you are living in a Bob Ross painting every day of your life.

Quick notes before getting ready for our day trip to Milford Sound:

  • I’ve never encountered as friendly people at home or during travels.
  • These towns leave you in awe and disbelief.
  • I think we have new retirement goals.
  • “No worries” is both my new way to end conversations and my goal mindset for living.