Quick Homemade Pesto Pizza

Quick Homemade Pesto Pizza

Once you experience the joy of homemade pizza, it’s hard to go back to frozen or delivery. I always thought it would take forever to make your own dough, but with the most minuscule amount of planning you can have homemade pizza whenever you want.

The main tip is to make dough when you have time, then chuck it in your freezer. This has proven the magic trick to enable me to make delicious pizzas whenever I want and not settle for frozen because I didn’t plan ahead enough to have dough. Read up here for the recipe I have been using for chewy crust.

Once you have the dough, the only limitations are your imagination and what’s in your fridge. Last night, we made a pesto pizza with pesto sauce from Aldi (can’t beat $2 for pesto sauce) with red bell peppers, diced onion and sliced garlic.

The other pizza wasn’t the best effort. I used jarred salsa instead of pizza sauce. The sauce tasted flat and needed punching up. The solution would either be better/fresh salsa or adding more flavorful ingredients to punch it up.


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    1. I’ve found two methods for success: either use a pizza stone or, man’s best friend, cast iron skillet. Letting them preheat with the oven is essential to getting a crispy crust. Leave them in the oven for 10-15 minutes before popping in the pizza. What do you use to cook your pies?

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