Why You Need to Try Grilled Pizza

Why You Need to Try Grilled Pizza

I love pizza. I also have grown to love making it at home. Frozen pizza is good and a cheaper alternative to take away or delivery. My homemade efforts are improving with each pie that slides off the pizza peel. Now that summer has arrived, I fire up my Weber for grilled pizza. The charcoal heat gives it a smokey, charred touch you just can’t get via other methods.

Grilled Pizza Basics

The dough will require a bit of advanced planning if you make it from scratch (video here and another recipe here) OR you can get pre-made dough from groceries like Trader Joe’s (if you get it from TJ’s, add a bit of salt to the dough).

The better the ingredients, the better the results. Seems intuitive, but I’m usually (almost always) super cheap. Get some good meats like hot capicola if you like spicy food and fresh veggies. Rather than pay pizzeria prices for a smattering of toppings you can truly make it a meat lovers pizza for $3.

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Pizza stones do make a difference. I was skeptical about how much impact a pizza stone would have. They ensure a crispy crust throughout.

Corn meal and a pizza peel are your friends. It helps move the pizza from inside to the pizza stone. Sprinkling corn meal on the paddle before assembling acts like little rollers to prevent the pizza from sticking to the pizza paddle.

If you want to up your pizza game, grilled pizza isn’t that different than cooking in the oven. I scored this attachment for my charcoal grill that modifies the grill into a pizza making machine. Heat the pizza stone on top of your grill grate and once the grill is super hot, slide in the pizza.

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This week’s creation: arugula and kale pesto pie. Harvesting arugula and kale from my garden meant this was going to be super fresh. To make pesto, you combine greens (usually basil) with Parmesan/pecorino cheese and olive oil. With that sauce, we added kalamata olives, bell pepper, mushrooms and capicola. The cheese was a mix of mozzarella with pecorino.

Once on the grill, make sure you keep watching to avoid a burnt destruction. Ours took about 8 minutes.

If I make this the summer of pizza, my love won’t be the only thing growing.

What are your favorite flavor combos?
Homemade Grilled Pesto Pizza Recipe - TheBachelorBasics.com