Bacon Pesto Turkey Burgers

Bacon Pesto Turkey Burgers

Here’s a quick pesto turkey burger recipe with pesto and bacon. What more could you want? Two of them is the correct answer.

I’ve been under the weather the past few days. According to Timehop, I normally get sick around this time of year. I have tired of canned sodium and wanted to use this ground turkey before it went bad and I hated myself for wasting $4.

So, here’s what you need: cast iron skillet. Check out my other love notes to cast iron skillets.

I started by frying up bacon. While that fries and renders, mix an egg and finely chopped onion with the turkey. Season with salt and pepper. Turkey is super lean so you need to add fat, otherwise you’ll end up with what tastes like dry toast. I add breadcrumbs to help bind the burgers together. Think of them as a mini meatloaf.  Get in there with your hands and be sure to wash them when you’re done. (Your hands. Not the burgers.)

Form patties. Remove the bacon. Place the turkey burger patties into the bacon fat. Unlike beef, you need to cook turkey until it’s completely done. Medium rare isnt a thing with turkey. And there’s nothing manly about food poisoning.

Typically, I cook turkey burgers for close to 10 minutes total. Once the meat is done, remove them to a paper towel and add in onions and mushrooms to the pan. They’ll pick up the flavors and help clean the pan. Think of it as cast iron magic.

Toast a bun. Slather on some pesto. I like a pre-made can from Aldi. Place burger on bun. Top with onions, mushrooms and bacon.

Enjoy knowing you don’t have to clean a pan.