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Secrets to the best turkey burgers |

My fridge was barren, like Revenant barren. Remnant tomato paste, whole coffee beans, yogurt and a few slices of deli ham would make a horrible challenge basket for a cooking battle. But my freezer was a treasure trove of meal-worthy food. When you’re unemployed your freezer drawers replace the aisles of a grocery. Like Old Man Parker discovering a Red Ryder model air rifle behind a couch, I found ground turkey buried in my freezer. But I needed one crucial ingredient to make the best turkey burgers.

Scrounging around I found a link of chorizo and with that the gears started turning on what to make for dinner.

I aim to make meal planning a group activity. I send my friends pictures and lists of ingredients right around 5PM. My meats thawed overnight and now it was time to decide what to make. As much as my mind was on turkey burgers (standard recipe), I debated a faster chorizo and eggs dinner. My friend Lourdes got all excited at the prospect of a chorizo, eggs and tomatillo salsa situation.

Chorizo and fried eggs are a great combo, but a turkey burger would provide more substance. So why choose?

I combined Lourdes’ suggestion with my turkey burger idea to make this behemoth. I warmed a can of black beans and added diced onion, green chiles, garlic and cumin to give them more punch. You can add a chipotle pepper if you want a deeper smoke and heat level. Adding chorizo or sausage to ground turkey gives much needed moisture and fat content to an otherwise super lean meat. The spices in the sausages don’t hurt either.

Secrets to the best turkey burgers |

So, if you want the absolute best turkey burgers, the secret is to add some sausage. Hot Italian sausage and chorizo are my go to additions. I fry mine up on my cast iron skillet for a great crust. Once the burgers were done, I added a teaspoon of oil to the pan, fried an egg and carefully topped the beans and burger with the oozy ovum.

What are your favorite burger additions?

Secrets to the Best Turkey Burgers |

  • Wow! You should find yourself with a barren fridge more often! That looks fantastic!