Avoid Being a Monday Zombie

Avoid Being a Monday Zombie

Mornings are hard.

Coffee can make them less difficult, according to the long lines at various coffee shops each morning. I avoid getting coffee out both for the waste of time in line and the drain of funds for a latte.

Community coffee sent me a few samples earlier this year. I’m still working my way through the morning roast, but it is delicious. Community Coffee is a family-run company based out of Baton Rogue. Anything NOLA makes me want a beignet. Aiming to replicate the full caffeine experience, my girlfriend and I ground the beans, then brew that toffee-colored go go juice.

I have been experimenting with using ground coffee in other recipes like a spice rub for meat and brewed coffee in cupcakes. My girlfriend made some phenomenal mini cupcakes substituting coffee for water in the recipe, then concocting a coffee-flavored icing.  I caught a tip from Americas Test Kitchen for storing coffee. Make individual baggies of the beans and pop them in the freezer. That will maximize the shelf life for your java.

Keep an eye out for more coffee inspired recipes using Comminity Coffee. I’ll be angling to get their beans in my office instead of whatever they are currently passing off as coffee.

How do you take your coffee?