National Cereal Day Recipe Ideas

National Cereal Day Recipe Ideas

National Cereal Day has arrived. Growing up (and probably still) I had a favorite bowl. It is green, shaped like a turtle and it’s amazing. Remarkably, the paint hasn’t faded away in 15 plus years of use. That was my go-to cereal bowl.

In anticipation of National Cereal Day, I started thinking of different ways to eat cereal. I have always been a traditional cereal consumer, filling a bowl first thing in the morning for immediate consumption. I’m pretty sure the only reason I wake is hunger.

The folks at General Mills sent me a few boxes to get my creative juices flowing. Fortunately for me, they included one of my all-time favorites: CTC. (They have more ideas on their site from Food Network chef Justin Warner.)

We opted to create a play on breakfast by creating the meta breakfast: Cereal in pancakes. We tried adding all three cereals in the batter to find which combo was the best.

Using a standard pancake recipe, we poured out the batter onto the griddle. When they were ready to flip (little bubbles covering the pancake), we sprinkled some cereal and flipped the pancake. Much like the battle against sogginess in milk, the cereal lost some of its crunch. Cocoa Puffs and Trix held their crunch factor better than Cinnamon Toast Crunch. So how do we preserve the crunch factor?

Add whipped cream and top with fresh-out-of-the-box cereal.
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All of the pancakes tasted like mini cakes with cereal. Trix added a fruity taste. Cocoa Puffs, chocolaty crunch and Cinnamon Toast Crunch a pop of more cinnamon flavor. Another idea we had was to grind up the cereal to create a flavored dust to top the whipped cream.

There were a few recipes on Pintrest for cocktails using cereal. I may skip all the fuss and fill my TMNT bowl with Cinnamon Toast Crunch and then substitute Rumchata for almond milk and delight in the deliciousness.

How will you be celebrating National Cereal Day? What’s your favorite box?  

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  1. After ten long minutes of hard thinking, I do believe I would’ve attempted something called serial cerial, creating a chain of micro dishes with no more than 10 pieces of cerisl each, in a complex pattern of repetition that constantly cycles through all the cereal types, using complex mathematical relationships.

    1. Would you use tweezers to plate? As long as it’s artistic in presentation, you have my vote.

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