Beer-Braised Brats

Beer-Braised Brats

I almost always have beer in my fridge, but not for the reason you might think. Since moving in and hosting a few parties, friends have brought beer. I don’t drink much beer, so the cases have stacked up.

What is a guy to do with all that beer?

Host more parties? Play myself in beer pong? Drink myself into a constant state of stupor?

I defrosted a pack of brats for dinner and decided to use up some of that beer. Typically, I have either grilled sausage or pan fried it. With both of those methods, I never really know if the sausage is done cooking. A few times I have had to return the encased meat to the flame or pan to cook just a bit longer. But there’s a better solution than rolling the “you may get food poisoning” dice.

Start the brats or sausages in half a bottle of beer in a sauce pan. The fluids should cover the links. It’s your choice what you do with the rest of the bottle. Set the heat to medium-low and start the braising process. Starting them in fluid ensures they cook from the inside out. Grilling or frying on the stove cooks the exterior first and eventually the inside.

I simmered mine for about 20 minutes before transferring to my hot cast iron skillet to get some crusty exterior. My girlfriend sliced onion and mushrooms and we cooked those to top the brat.

99 bottles of beer on the wall. 99 bottles of beer. Take one down, pour it in a sauce pan, 98 bottles of beer…

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