Not Quite Right Fried Rice

Not Quite Right Fried Rice

With the exception of a few cooking magazines, most recipe sites present gorgeous pictures that trigger some mild drooling. Then there’s a recipe somewhere near the bottom. So often you never know if a recipe is good until you try it. In this case I’m divulging that this dish is missing something. Fried rice that rivals my favorite take-out spot has been difficult to master.

I have tried a few different recipes and I suspect I am missing a sauce or adding enough oil. So, I figured I would share this latest attempt, which looks good, but fell a bit flat when it came to delivering a powerful punch in the taste buds.

5-Step Fried Rice Process:

  1. Make rice. 
  2. Heat cast iron skillet to super hot. Add vegetable oil. Cook two beaten eggs and remove to a bowl. 
  3. Add a bit more oil. Sauté bag of stir fry veggies. Add to eggs in bowl.
  4. Add titch more oil, diced garlic and red pepper flakes. Add rice. Add 2-3 tablespoons soy sauce. Stir. 
  5. Add veggies and egg. Incorporate. Serve. 

That’s my process. I suspect I’m using the wrong type of oil and/or not enough of it. Anyone use a different combination of sauces other than soy sauce? I figure great fried rice must use more than just soy.

The result isn’t bad, it just lacks the addictive flavor that take-out has. Adding pot stickers from Trader Joe’s added some flavorful pop to the meal, but now I need to figure out how to make my rice as flavorful as those frozen dumplings. 

3 thoughts on “Not Quite Right Fried Rice

  1. Two ingredients that we use, and you might want to try: sesame oil and fish sauce. Go light on the fish sauce and use it during the cooking process, I tried to add it after once and the fish flavor was too overpowering. Good luck!

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