The Lux Life – Grand Lux Café Review

Grand Lux Cafe Entree |

Sitting on the plush bench waiting for the clock to strike 6PM, I peered into the kitchen to see what the chefs were creating. As I looked around the soaring ceilings and funky chandeliers, I was reminded of another restaurant’s decor. The color palette and plush feel was reminiscent of Cheesecake Factory. Sure enough, I later discovered that Grand Lux Cafe is owned by the same company that produces the never-ending menu and restaurant that is Cheesecake Factory.

I was invited to sample the new menu at Grand Lux Café (600 N. Michigan Ave.) along with other food and lifestyle bloggers in Chicago. Before sharing highlights from the new menu and drinks, I wanted to share a bit of insider info on what it’s like to dine with food bloggers if you don’t know one. I have learned through dating and generally being alive and dining with normal people that I break important etiquette rules when dining.

  • My phone is usually on the table.
  • I take photos. Several of them. From different angles. At times, the food has gone cold by the time I got “the shot.”
  • I occasionally take photos of my girlfriend’s or friend’s dinner.

I would argue that I’m still present during the dinner. I rarely have my phone out to text friends or see what other people are doing on social networks. Continue reading The Lux Life – Grand Lux Café Review