Bachelor Dinner Party: Dinner for One Ain’t No Fun

“If you blog it, they will come.”

-Shoeless Joe Jackson

When you post as many food pictures as I do, your friends and family start to question your life choices. Once I didn’t post food pictures for a day and I received a few concerned texts. “Are you OK?! I’m sending a pizza to you.” It also leads friends to assume you are a foodie. Let me go on record as definitively not being a foodie. To me, the term connotes a quest for the most obscure, and often expensive, ingredients prepared in a minimalist fashion. I’m all for art, but I prefer it on a wall instead of my plate. I don’t think this study looked into the gastronomic appeal of 4 croquetas on a plate or any of those foam infusion efforts. Then again, I’m not willing to pay $31 to find out their conclusion, just like I’m not willing to pay more than $20 for dinner. Continue reading Bachelor Dinner Party: Dinner for One Ain’t No Fun

Breakfast Showdown: Me vs. Ronald Q. McDonald

Veggies and bacon

I was recently informed that McDonald’s southwest breakfast wrap was no longer available for a buck. Years ago, my boss used to grab them and during her carb-free days would ask me if I wanted the tortilla. I will go on record as to never turning down a tortilla. Ever.

Much like a drug pusher I was warned about during D.A.R.E., she hooked me on the breakfast burrito. It served as a gateway food. In a mere hours I would have the itch for bigger, meatier burritos that were affectionately referred to as “productivity killers” in the office. And yes, I do realize I was begging for her unwanted scraps a la Oliver Twist. Continue reading Breakfast Showdown: Me vs. Ronald Q. McDonald

Bacon-wrapped chicken salad


Working from home has its perks. Namely the ability to make something better than a sandwich with a pickle while wearing your pajamas.

Today I used the mini chopper to pulverize leftover bacon-wrapped chicken. I did the same to a monstrously large carrot. I added some ranch dressing and BBQ sauce and a chopped rib of celery.

Toast up some bread and you have a rival to any sandwich shop on the block.

Fat-wrapped Chicken Wrap


Tis the season for healthy eating!

After cutting chicken breasts in tender-size strips, I wrapped them in strips of bacon and sautéed.

After flipping and 10 mins in the pan I popped them in the 350 degree oven for another 15 mins.

While they were finishing in the oven, I sautéed red bell pepper and mushrooms in the bacon fat. Healthy.

Compilation: cut up chicken and add peps, shrooms, black olives, lettuce and the always healthy ranch dressing.

This may keep you on the couch this swimsuit season.