How to Brunch in Downtown Chicago


“Bros who brunch” has yet to take off among my friends, likely because we call ourselves by name instead of bro. At its best, brunch is breakfast with booze. At its worst, brunch is long wait times, rushed service, overpriced eggs and shouting over the din at your friends. When Grand Lux Cafe invited me back to try out their brunch offerings, I dusted off my seersucker and ventured to downtown Chicago with Leann to sample how they do brunch on the Mag Mile. (I ate my way through their dinner menu a few weeks back. You can read up on that here.)

Looking around the massive restaurant in the daylight, most brunchers appeared to be tourists. Grand Lux Cafe has a prime location for shoppers stocking up at stores on Michigan Ave. The restaurant is huge, which nearly guarantees you won’t have to wait for a table to get brunch. That tackles one of the main brunch irritants. Since it is a larger restaurant, they have more servers who can give better service. The menu is far from the diner offerings in My Cousin Vinny.

My Cousin Vinny menu

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National Cereal Day Recipe Ideas


National Cereal Day has arrived. Growing up (and probably still) I had a favorite bowl. It is green, shaped like a turtle and it’s amazing. Remarkably, the paint hasn’t faded away in 15 plus years of use. That was my go-to cereal bowl.

In anticipation of National Cereal Day, I started thinking of different ways to eat cereal. I have always been a traditional cereal consumer, filling a bowl first thing in the morning for immediate consumption. I’m pretty sure the only reason I wake is hunger.

The folks at General Mills sent me a few boxes to get my creative juices flowing. Fortunately for me, they included one of my all-time favorites: CTC. (They have more ideas on their site from Food Network chef Justin Warner.) Continue reading National Cereal Day Recipe Ideas

Bacon and Veggie Frittata

Bacon and Veggie Frittata

Bachelor Basic: Don’t cook topless, especially if you’re meal includes frying bacon. If you’re not careful you’ll burn your frittatas off.

I have yet to buy meat other than cold cuts since moving. Having my own place may turn me into a vegetarian. As there becomes less I have to do each night after work, I hope I’ll resume cooking more. I have been walking to and from the train each day this month creating both a fatigue and insatiable hunger when I get in the door. Continue reading Bacon and Veggie Frittata

Avoid Being a Monday Zombie


Mornings are hard.

Coffee can make them less difficult, according to the long lines at various coffee shops each morning. I avoid getting coffee out both for the waste of time in line and the drain of funds for a latte.

Community coffee sent me a few samples earlier this year. I’m still working my way through the morning roast, but it is delicious. Community Coffee is a family-run company based out of Baton Rogue. Anything NOLA makes me want a beignet. Aiming to replicate the full caffeine experience, my girlfriend and I ground the beans, then brew that toffee-colored go go juice. Continue reading Avoid Being a Monday Zombie

Up your breakfast game | eggs and bacon


It’s hard to beat the convenience of cereal in the morning, or for any meal. But what do you do when you’ve run out your beloved box ‘o carbs?

I usually make eggs. Quick. Quasi healthy and I usually have a few in the fridge.

It beats skipping breakfast or panic ordering at a donut shop.

Who ate two eggs and is ready for the weekend?

Best Breakfast Pizza | Recipe

breakfast, pizza, brunch, homemade, recipe


We’ve all done it. No shame. We’ve eaten leftover pizza for breakfast. While this dish takes a bit more work than foraging in your fridge, you’ll be rewarded with a sensational and fresh breakfast.

Turn on your oven to 350 degrees.

To start, I made my own hash browns after frying up some bacon. You could also use frozen hash browns to cut down the prep time. To make your own, shred 3 potatoes. I recently purchased a KitchenAid Mandoline. That helps speed up the job. I found it tough to use the mandoline with the potatoes. It worked great on softer veggies, but struggled against firm potatoes.

Once the hash browns were cooked–about 15 minutes–I removed them from the pan and added onions and green pepper. Saute those for a few minutes and remove to a bowl. Then I whipped 4 eggs with a touch of water.

Return the taters to the skillet and add the eggs.

Return the veggies and bacon. Add tomatoes. Sprinkle in your favorite cheese. I had sliced american that I put on top.

Put the skillet in the oven for 8-10 minutes. Slice it up and enjoy.

breakfast, pizza, bacon, brunch, recipe