Finding the Beauty in Unemployment


The beauty of unemployment is I can walk for an hour interrupted only by my wandering thoughts. Don’t worry. I had my giant #HireAndrew placard on to protect me from the wind gusts while advertising my latest media campaign.

Beauty of Unemployment |
Chorizo, mushroom and egg wrap with melted mozzarella.

After a few phone interviews, I made a good lunch, well, two good lunches. It is Leap Day after all. That’s the other huge perk of being home more. The first was a chorizo and mushroom scrambled egg situation wrapped in a scorched tortilla. What better to wash that down than a turkey chorizo burger atop a toasted ciabatta half? Continue reading Finding the Beauty in Unemployment

Best Turkey Burgers – Friday Foodstuffs

Secrets to the best turkey burgers |

My fridge was barren, like Revenant barren. Remnant tomato paste, whole coffee beans, yogurt and a few slices of deli ham would make a horrible challenge basket for a cooking battle. But my freezer was a treasure trove of meal-worthy food. When you’re unemployed your freezer drawers replace the aisles of a grocery. Like Old Man Parker discovering a Red Ryder model air rifle behind a couch, I found ground turkey buried in my freezer. But I needed one crucial ingredient to make the best turkey burgers.

Scrounging around I found a link of chorizo and with that the gears started turning on what to make for dinner.

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Friendsgiving: There Will Be Rumple Minze

Group photo

Eating turkey gumbo is a life-changing experience.

Celebrating Thanksgiving with your closest, hungriest and most thirsty friends is almost as good as gumbo. Fresh off our successful dinner parties this summer, Leann and I invited our friends to share delicious food and cocktails on Friday.

I decided to make gumbo, one of my favorite dishes, and STUFFIN MUFFINS. Leann would fire up the oven to create some delicious sweets. The rest would sort itself out.

Contrary to the previous day’s timing issues, everything aligned for Friendsgiving and I didn’t forget a single thing at my house. Be warned, if you intend to make gumbo, it takes a solid 2 hours of constant stirring and attention. There are no shortcuts. It takes time, but is immensely worth it. Follow the recipe above the next time you’re wondering how to re-purpose all those leftovers.

Chorizo and Poblano Stuffin Muffins

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Scenes from a Mexican Restaurant II

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“One lengua taco,” he said enthusiastically. “And I’m torn between steak and chorizo. What should I get?”

The cashier shrugged his shoulders. Then the man continued, “Which is better? Which would you get?”

“The steak,” the cashier said assuredly, but in a way that conveyed that it was an obvious decision.

“OK. One steak taco.”

Mr. Indecision was on a date. I wondered if his matchmaker was Tinder, OK Cupid, eHarmony or a site I’ve yet to be told about. Judging by the lack of mentions of Jesus, I’m ruling out eHarm. He was about 5’9″, had a reddish-brown beard and wore glasses. His date had curled, dark brown hair and looked like she’d dressed up for the 9 PM fourth meal.

Their conversation hit all the usual notes of a first date: music, comedians, smartphones. Despite his earlier indecision, the timbre of his voice when talking about potentially getting Spotify to listen to comedians was assured and confident.

The taco date lasted about 20 minutes. He kept trying to find commonalities with his date. Her answers were abrupt and I felt sorry for the guy, who was trying far more than his date.

As they went to leave, the guy had gone first out of the booth and his date trailed behind before opening the door for him.

They headed out into the blustery spring night, each going a different direction, in search of their next taco date.