Quick Homemade Hummus Recipe [Video]

Hummus in 30 seconds. Start the clock! Thebachelorbasics.com

It’s a dip. It’s a spread. It’s a way of life. Quick homemade hummus takes just 30 seconds to make and the ingredients cost less than a dollar.

I have a habit of a mid-morning snack. I wouldn’t call it a second breakfast just more of a need to chomp on something to tide me over until lunch. Pretzels are my go-to because they are inexpensive, crunchy, salty and carby. One day I’ll try going carb-free again. I made it almost a full day last time. Continue reading Quick Homemade Hummus Recipe [Video]

Super Bowl Salsa Recipe

Are your social networks exploding with Super Bowl recipes? I never knew so many people were obsessed with the NFL. In the food blogger world, the Super Bowl is about much more than the events on the field. It is a chance to showcase some crowd-wowing creations. Every few months, cooks get a chance to flex their cooking and baking muscles. This is your chance to step up. Continue reading Super Bowl Salsa Recipe