September Garden Updates

I’ve been behind in sharing the live garden updates from Facebook onto the blog. Here’s what you’ve missed if you haven’t been watching live on Tuesday evenings.

Backyard Garden Update 9/5

Backyard Garden Update 9/12

Backyard Garden Update 9/19 with Special Guest

Be sure to watch until the end!

Tomato Watch – Weekly Garden Update 7/12

We start this week with a moment of silence for the early girl tomato plant that has been laid to rest. Last week I noticed black spots on the tomatoes and yellowed leaves. I had hoped reading the plant bedtime stories and crushing old antibiotics into the soil would nurse the plant back to life. Alas, neither proved to be a formidable solution against what the Internet tells me was bacterial speck. 

The tomato plant was put to rest tonight at 6PM central time. Visitation will be the remainder of the week. 

Enjoy the rest of the video highlighting the other plants in their efforts to avoid the plague.

DIY Square Foot Garden Update 7/5

It’s Tuesday and that means another square foot garden update! This week’s video update highlights tomatillo tips and features the debut of tomatillo husks. The tomatoes continue to grow and we await the arrival of the first zucchini. Cilantro is starting to take off from seed. 

Watch the video for the latest growths!

Square Foot Garden Update – 6/14

Here’s the weekly update on my first attempt at a DIY garden using the square foot garden method.

Every Tuesday I host a live video update on Facebook to share what I’ve learned about bugs, plants and general gardening tips. This week’s video delves into bolting. Are those flowers in your garden or is your plant abandoning you? Learn how to tell the difference between a bud and plant that is done growing for the season.