Gender Equality Pancakes | Recipe


Step 1: find girlfriend
Step 2: tell her you’re hungry
Step 3: discuss gender roles in a post-Hobby Lobby society
Step 4: go to IHOP
Step 5: split the check

So that’s one option for Sunday breakfast. OR you could tag team it and make your own. Now, for your viewing pleasure, photos and recipe.

If you don’t have maple syrup, toss fresh fruit in a bowl with a tablespoon of sugar before starting on the pancake batter.






Reuniting with my grill


pork chop, grill, weber, summer, chicago

After two weeks of eating out every day I longed to create my own sustenance. Last night, I brined some center cut pork chops, fired up the Weber grill and started scouring the web for recipes to grill fruit. The first few days in Italy I forgot a crucial diet necessity: fiber.

Most recipes suggested balsamic vinegar. This bachelor didn’t bring any of that back from the Europe. But I did have sugar and maple syrup. Let’s face it. Fruit isn’t sweet enough on its own. It needs that extra sucrose boost.

The grill was hot. The pork, hopefully tenderized. The fruit, macerating waiting to sizzle on the grill.

The results? Tender, perfectly cooked pork with some singed fruit.

This left only one question. Who is going to pick up my plate?