What to do with Grilled Chicken Leftovers


Grilled chicken is fantastical when done correctly. The secrets to creating good grilled chicken is to brine your birds. I posted about brining near thanksgiving time, but think of brining as seasoning your food. There are two types of brining: Dry and wet brine. Both require a few hours of planning, but are otherwise super simple. 

Dry brine: apply a few teaspoons of salt directly to the meat and refrigerate for a few hours (4 is ideal). For the golden bird on this page, I applied the salt under the skin directly on the meat and let it absorb for a few hours. 

Wet brine: think of this as a salt bath. Add salt to water, stir, submerge the meat in the salt water a la a summer dunk tank and wait a few hours.

I grilled this bird using the beer can method where you pour out (drink) half a can of beer or soda, then perch the bird on top of the can before placing the whole thing on the grill. The fluid keeps the bird moist from the inside as the beer/soda boils. 

We ate the smoked chicken just like that with roasted Brussels sprouts on day one, but we still had a ton of leftover meat. What to do?

Here are three leftover chicken recipes!

Grilled Chicken Salad Pita Pocket

grilled chicken pita pocket |thebachelorbasics.com
We made chicken salad with cut up pieces of chicken, shredded Brussels sprouts, dried cranberries, celery, homemade mayo and pecans. Then stuff the salad in a pita pocket with some lettuce. I used gluten-free pita pockets from BFree. 

Ooooh, You Fancy Grilled Chicken Appetizer

grilled chicken appetizer - thebachelorbasics.comAdd the chicken salad to a wheat cracker and add some thinly sliced radish. Boom. Appetizer.

Grilled Chicken Salad Wrap

grilled chicken appetizer - thebachelorbasics.com
It wouldn’t be a bachelor basic recipe if there weren’t a tortilla option. Add chicken salad mix to a warm tortilla and drizzle some more mayo on top. The celery and pecans add nice crunch to this mix. 

How to Make Leftover Potatoes Disappear


I was overzealous in estimating how many potatoes to peel for thanksgiving. With a large Tupperware of sliced, leftover potatoes de-starching in my fridge I debated making more mashed taters. But I already had a container of those.

What to do?

Make my own potato chips? Then my house would smell like the Fry Kids had an unsupervised rave.

That left one option.

Scalloped potatoes. Continue reading How to Make Leftover Potatoes Disappear

Wonton Wednesday


If at first you try to make Taco-Tons and don’t succeed, try, try again.

In honor of Taco Tuesday, I attempted to make these last night after the gym. In my haste, I tried using corn tortillas as the wrapper. There’s only one problem dear taco-loving friends: Corn tortillas aren’t flexible, even if you heat them.

Tonight was Attempt 2 at the fusion masterpiece that is taco filling in a wonton wrapper. A brewery by my office deserves credit for the idea. They had an item called “Titan’s Toothpicks,” which I admit is catchier than Taco-Tons. Their creation was a variant on taquitos with meat, corn, salsa and cheese inside the fried cylinders.

20140423-200338.jpgI made turkey tacos with black beans, avocado and kale Monday night. I’ll post photos and a recap on how to make your own in the coming week.

Re-imagining ways to eat existing food is necessary for any person living solo.

If you cook a big meal, you’ll likely grow tired of eating it for multiple days. Turning grilled chicken into a healthy salad or a wrap adds longevity to your leftovers.

Wonton Wednesday should quickly become a thing. After my Egg Roll exploration, I’ve got the rolling process down and a pontoon-load of extra wrappers. You’ll need an egg to seal the Tons closed. Tonight I used the wonton wrappers instead of their larger sibling used for egg rolls. Subsequently, you can’t put much food in each wrapper.

Nevertheless, start thinking of foods you’d like fried inside some crispy dough. These would be great for parties. They are a bit labor intensive, but worth it in the end.

3 Things I Learned Tonight:

  1. The process is quick. Each side cooks for 30 seconds tops.
  2. Oil is hot. Splattering oil hurts.
  3. Have something to dip the Taco-Tons in, like salsa verde, sour cream or maybe some queso dip.

And you may as well fry up the egg used to seal the wrappers. Every bro needs his protein.