Pie Five: First Tastes

pie five chicago

The contents in the manila folder changed each week in Mrs. T’s classroom. She would put a new mind bender problem in the folder. And each week, I would take the white sheet of paper and work toward finding a solution. Some of the sheets were easier than others. Many had logic problems where you’d have to make grids to figure out what color shirt Jim was wearing. Others were probability and permutation puzzles. At the bottom of every problem, Mrs. T. reminded us to show our work.

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Next to the folder pinned to the wall was a standings sheet listing the students with the most points. By attempting the problem, you could receive one point. If you arrived at the correct solution, you would tally two points. There was a greater goal than mere competition against your prepubescent peers. If you earned 50 points by the end of the year, you won a pizza party where you got your very own personal pan pizza, with whatever toppings you wanted.

As a kid, I loved pizza. What’s better than pizza? Free pizza. Continue reading Pie Five: First Tastes