What’ll Ya Have?



Is there a question as simplistic but simultaneously daunting? It has led me to many panic orders, including chicken wraps and gin and tonics.

If ever there were a moment where I knew exactly what I wanted, it was at 2AM at Cafe du Monde in New Orleans’ French Quarter. Cafe du Monde is the place for beignets. It helped that there wasn’t a menu to scour. The only choice we had was how many beignets and whether or not we wanted coffee.

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A Kiss with Lagniappe

Dr. John – What Goes Around Comes Around

“What’ll y’all have?” Kiss asked after greeting Jill and Alex with across-the-bar hugs and kisses on the cheek.

“I’m not sure. I like whiskey and had an old fashioned and sazerac yesterday,” I responded.

Kiss turned around toward the tiered bottles of liquor along the mirrored wall, grabbed a tumbler glass, poured a glass of Grand Marnier and slid it toward me. Continue reading A Kiss with Lagniappe

Rockin’ with Mawmaw on the Bayou

Suggested Listening: Old Folks by Miles DavisbayouBack and forth they rocked.

“How’s yo daddy?” Mawmaw asked, with a pronounced, drawn-out lingering on the “add” and a quick trailing off on the “y.”

Four oblong, baby blue bathroom rugs were placed under the four rocking chairs in the living room. A faded picture of her daughter’s wedding portrait was centered above the couch against the back wall. The other walls were adorned with an array of family photos like most grandparent’s homes. They always hold onto those school photos from when you awkwardly teetered on the precipice between childhood and adulthood.

“Y’all meet rain?” Mawmaw’s sister asked from her still rocking chair. Continue reading Rockin’ with Mawmaw on the Bayou