Friendsgiving: There Will Be Rumple Minze

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Eating turkey gumbo is a life-changing experience.

Celebrating Thanksgiving with your closest, hungriest and most thirsty friends is almost as good as gumbo. Fresh off our successful dinner parties this summer, Leann and I invited our friends to share delicious food and cocktails on Friday.

I decided to make gumbo, one of my favorite dishes, and STUFFIN MUFFINS. Leann would fire up the oven to create some delicious sweets. The rest would sort itself out.

Contrary to the previous day’s timing issues, everything aligned for Friendsgiving and I didn’t forget a single thing at my house. Be warned, if you intend to make gumbo, it takes a solid 2 hours of constant stirring and attention. There are no shortcuts. It takes time, but is immensely worth it. Follow the recipe above the next time you’re wondering how to re-purpose all those leftovers.

Chorizo and Poblano Stuffin Muffins

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Sopa de Elote Dip Recipe | Bacon Takedown Showdown

It isn’t every day your food is featured in Thrillist for Best Bacon dishes.

I have a love/hate relationship with cooking competitions. I swear them off, but not long after I get the invite, I am signed up and scouring recipes for inspiration.

The latest was the fifth annual bacon takedown. I eat bacon once or twice a year, so I’m by no means a connoisseur. Cycling through dishes I’ve perfected that include bacon, I considered stuffin muffins and carbonara. The first is ingredient and labor intensive. The latter has poor reheat value. After vetoing these dishes I started questioning why I signed up.

Then I got my idea: Mexican corn.

I started it as a chowder soup. Serving soup samples is tedious. Know what isn’t? Making it a dip.

Of course you made something with tortilla chips.

The addictive element of competitions is you get instant feedback from people who aren’t your family or friends. They have no obligation to say your food is good. And they definitely don’t have to come back four times for another taste.

The good news: everyone seemed to love the dip.

The bad news: I didn’t win. Always a bridesmaid…

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Gringo’s Confessions


The other night I was at a fancy shamancy dinner and was chatting about best meals to cook with a date. This conversation was with a man in his 50s who identified himself as a trophy husband, a career goal not too far from my own. He asserted that French cuisine was the best, since Italian and Mexican are common flavors. The last thing I want is my high-achieving future wife to think I’m common.

While some of my friends take Sunday Funday to be brunch and boozing, for me it means culinary project day. Eventually, I’ll start planning the week’s meals. Once that occurs I can truly become someone’s doting house husband.

Sunday night’s supper (a word I’m bringing back) involved homemade salsa verde and spice-rubbed chicken breasts. The result: best tacos I’ve had this year. Bonus for you, it’s hella simple. We will have to wait to see how successful it is as wife bait.

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Salsa verde


That picture is pretty appetizing right?

I roasted poblanos, tomatillos, half a yellow onion, and one bulb of garlic on the grill.

Let them cool after you char them. Then peel the skin off the poblanos. Pop the cloves out of the softened garlic.

Add everything to the food processor and let it rip. Be sure to add salt and pepper. Lime juice helps too.

Presto. Salsa verde!