Australia Awaits

Since I was barely the size of an emu I have wanted to visit Australia. No one in my family had been there and aside from The Rescuers Down Under I wasn’t exposed to much about the country. In college, I flirted with the idea of studying abroad in Sydney. Post-college, I researched community media in Australia for my application to be a Fulbright scholar. Spoiler alert: neither attempt to study in Australia proved successful.

All that changes tonight! Leann and I embark on our longest trip yet. We will explore Sydney and Melbourne before flying to Queenstown and finally Auckland. These four cities are new to both of us and should add a new flavor to our Christmas around the world tour we’ve been on the past three years.

The next two weeks include day trips to serene coasts, caves, mountains, museums, volcanoes, wineries, rainforests, and beaches. Pretty wild surrounds compared to the tundra that is Chicago in December.

I have yet to accept that we are going to Australia and New Zealand. The good thing is I’ll have 20 hours in the air to let it sink in!

As always, I will do my best to share our adventures here and on social media. It will be a trip of a lifetime!