Authentic Texas BBQ Deep in the Heart of…Chicago?

Best BBQ in Chicago

There was a void in my mouth, stomach and life after coming back from Texas a few months ago. Like most travelers, food is toward the top of the attractions list when visiting a new city. Similar to other BBQ meccas, barbecue is a way of life in Texas. To get food at the best spots in Texas, diners line up hours before the restaurant opens. Once the food is sold, that’s it. Returning home, I have been on a quest to find the best Chicago BBQ.

Chicago has some good BBQ spots, but after touring a few I noticed there was something missing. I expected a big smoker out back, but was surprised to find large electric smokers that resembled phone booths. The electric smokers are called Southern Comforts and allow you to regulate temperature and get smoke flavor from wood pellets instead of wood logs. Continue reading Authentic Texas BBQ Deep in the Heart of…Chicago?