3 Egg Omelette | Tortilla Challenge

tortilla, eggs, tortilla challenge

tortilla, eggs, tortilla challenge

As part of the ongoing series, here’s another simple way to use tortillas. Eggs are one of my staples for quick and tasty meals, whether for breakfast, lunch or dinner.

This amalgamation cleaned out a lot of ingredients lurking in my fridge: Spinach, cherry tomatoes, baby bella mushrooms, pecorino cheese. Pecorino has a strong salty flavor, so go easy on the salt in the eggs/veggies. I sauteed the ingredients before cooking the eggs, cleaned out the skillet, re-oiled, then added in the beaten eggs. In place of toast, I warmed two tortillas and used them to grab up some omelette deliciousness.

Summer ‘o Salads

As you’ll soon see from an array of smoked meat pictures, I love me my protein. But for some unknown reason whenever I come home after a strenuous workout (putting my gym clothes on, leisurely walking around the gym, then grunting as I hoist five pounders toward the sky) at the gym, I feel the need to eat well.

Summer is a great time to get fresh veggies at the store. Or better yet, hit up a farmer’s market with a date. Just remember to bring your reusable grocery bag and rent a Prius for the weekend to have the full farm-to-table experience.

Here are three great salads that take less than six and a half minutes to make.

Fried Chicken with Goat Cheese

Chopped up fried chicken, tomato, raw onion, kalamata olives, goat cheese on spinach

Going Greek

Spinach with kalamata olives, tomato, onion, cannellini beans and lemon vinaigrette