Le première idées en Paris


It only took an hour water taxi, 90 minute flight and an hour on the trains to get from Venice to Paris. After 7 hours in transit, I wasn’t fired up to go exploring. But I was hungry.

Coming to Paris I’d commonly heard how unfriendly the French are. So far I’ve found that to be markedly untrue. Two people helped us at the train station to navigate our way to l’hôtel. One went as far as googling where we needed to go and printing a map with his written directions.

After checking in and studying our maps we set out for food and Montmartre. We got this baguette with Brie and tomatoes.
I didn’t fully realize the altitude of the area. There are beaucoup d’escaliers.

We climbed and climbed some more, finding a cemetery, Au lapin agile and the first Starbucks of the trip. No, we didn’t get americanos. Instead we headed back to the hotel to disco nap before exploring the main attractions of Paris. I’ll share those photos later. For now it’s off to le petite déjeuner. Then Versailles!

A bientôt mon amies!





Forty-Five Minutes in LA

time, clock, LA, union stationDoes the term “layover” only apply to flights?

On our interpretation of The Odyssey–or Plains, Trains & Automobiles for those that don’t care for Greek– we had a layover in Los Angeles. The Spaniards must have been horrible prophets or have a deep love for irony. LA is far from a repository for the pious and devout. This was my second visit to Lalaland. The first was during spring break my senior year of college, and included seeing The Price is Right before Bob Barker retired. Continue reading Forty-Five Minutes in LA