The Attack of the Zucchini and Tomatillos

I am not sure if I’d watch a film by that name if it appeared on Netflix, but I would linger. This week’s video highlights how the zucchini and tomatillo plants have commandeered the garden box. Rather than stay in their respective squares, they have launched a sprawl campaign against all the other squares. If this were a game of Risk, they’d have all the map under their control. 

What do you do when your plants are growing too well? The lesson for this first-time backyard gardener is to prune and isolate sprawling plants. Zucchini, cucumber, tomatoes and tomatillos take up a ton of space. There is no way to corral them and pruning requires more expertise. Next year I plan on removing these plants from the box and planting in their own box or with plenty of space to roam.

DIY Square Foot Garden Update 7/5

It’s Tuesday and that means another square foot garden update! This week’s video update highlights tomatillo tips and features the debut of tomatillo husks. The tomatoes continue to grow and we await the arrival of the first zucchini. Cilantro is starting to take off from seed. 

Watch the video for the latest growths!

Gringo’s Confessions


The other night I was at a fancy shamancy dinner and was chatting about best meals to cook with a date. This conversation was with a man in his 50s who identified himself as a trophy husband, a career goal not too far from my own. He asserted that French cuisine was the best, since Italian and Mexican are common flavors. The last thing I want is my high-achieving future wife to think I’m common.

While some of my friends take Sunday Funday to be brunch and boozing, for me it means culinary project day. Eventually, I’ll start planning the week’s meals. Once that occurs I can truly become someone’s doting house husband.

Sunday night’s supper (a word I’m bringing back) involved homemade salsa verde and spice-rubbed chicken breasts. The result: best tacos I’ve had this year. Bonus for you, it’s hella simple. We will have to wait to see how successful it is as wife bait.

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Salsa verde


That picture is pretty appetizing right?

I roasted poblanos, tomatillos, half a yellow onion, and one bulb of garlic on the grill.

Let them cool after you char them. Then peel the skin off the poblanos. Pop the cloves out of the softened garlic.

Add everything to the food processor and let it rip. Be sure to add salt and pepper. Lime juice helps too.

Presto. Salsa verde!