Advance Australia Fair

Advance Australia Fair

In-flight time was the largest chip against our taking a trip to Australia and New Zealand. It’s very difficult to conceive of spending that much time in one place. At home, I don’t think I ever spend as much time in one location as I did on flight 77 from Los Angeles to Sydney.

My brain is starting to show the impact of jet lag so I’ll aim to share a few thoughts from day one down under.

  • Australians are incredibly friendly. Leann and I were attempting to get our bearings after exiting the train from the airport. A guy saw us and asked if he could help us find our destination. We shared where we were heading and he directed us toward the street we needed. He came back to us a minute later and Googled our hotel to ensure the directions he gave were correct.
  • One of these is not like the other: Palm trees, Christmas, 82 degrees.
  • Sydney is fairly walkable. I walked about 8 miles today and didn’t get lost once.
  • In-air movie count: 4
  • I am now a time traveler. Greetings from the future!

The secret to happiness may not be money or things, it could simply be living in Sydney where the life expectancy of residents is 85.

More notes from the future as soon as we have time! Until then: pictures!